Craig Gross

As a young pastor in Southern California, Craig Gross began to notice a recurring theme among those he cared for – a struggle with pornography. Boldly and courageously, he decided to address the root of the problem, so he went to the porn industry to ask some questions. This passion led him to start, a website devoted to telling the truth about porn.
Within days of his initial journey to the porn industry, some people in the church began to condemn Craigʼs efforts as immoral and ineffective. At the same time, many others affirmed him, opening their hardened and often broken hearts to a relevant and authentic Gospel they hadnʼt seen coming from mainstream religion.

The XXXchurch website mixes the seedy with the sacred in an effort to raise the often taboo subject of pornography as a problem that needed to be dealt with. In the seven years since it began, has had over 70 million visitors to the website and almost a half of million people using X3watch Accountability Software. Craig has been featured in GQ magazine,”Good Morning America,” Newsweek, CNN, LA Times, Nightline and The New York Times, and his ministry is the subject of an award winning documentary.

The website offers free accountability software, as well as practical and spiritual solutions to pornography issues. The site also features weekly updates and continuing information about pornography and its wide-reaching effects.

Craig has written thirteen books. His latest books, Through a Man’s Eyes released in the fall of 2015

Craig lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Jeanette and their two children Nolan and Elise.