College Debate

Ron Jeremy and Craig Gross have appeared at over 50 Universities including University of Tennessee, Yale University, USC and Ohio State.

AMAZING!…with less then 2 weeks of promotion we had well over 1300 in attendance for a debate.”
– Student Association Durham College

The debate draws a huge crowd on every campus. The format is pretty simple. Craig and Ron both share their opening arguments. Students then get a chance to interact and ask questions to either Craig or Ron. Ron and Craig then have final closing arguments. The debate typically lasts 90 minutes and is followed be a meet and greet with the students. The students then have a chance to take pictures, get autographs and ask more questions.

Ron and Craig have spoken to crowds as large as 4,000 and as intimate as a group of students of 250 or so. The events are normally sponsored by Campus/Student Activities committee and are free or a small charge to students attending.

A moderated from the university is used to keep the conversation and questions moving forward. This can be a student or a professor.

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